HCO at The Royal Academy of Music – 25 Apr 2017 – Photo Gallery

Hornton Chamber Orchestra at The Royal Academy of Music – 25 Apr 2017 – Photo Gallery



Hello World,

Here’s my so long waited photo gallery of the  event last week that took place
in the amazingly gorgeous Duke’s Hall, Royal Academy of Music.

The Hornton Chamber Orchestra with the conductor Jacky Wong and the soloists Inna Montesclaros /piano/ – performing Ludwig van Beethoven /Piano Concerto No5 in E flat “Emperor”/ and Luke Hsu /violin/ – performing Felix Mendelssohn / Violin Concerto in E minor/ And all the magic happend in the most beautiful of them all – The Duke’s Hall @ Royal Academy of Music, London…..

I hope you’ll like the photos and as they are more than 150 images, I will share here only
the selected ones and the FULL Photo Gallery will be shared on my PAVZO London business page on Facebook.

Please, Like, share, LOVE and do whatever your heart tells you and enjoy your life.

Love and Gratitude,

PS. I will also upload a short video I took with my cell so you will have the chance to experience what exactly is the feeling being on-stage in the Duke’s Hall at the Royal
Academy of Music, London



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