Matilda in Wonderland – by PAVZO

Hello World,

It was about time for you to see this photo shoot I had with my
gorgeous looking ladies – the MUA – Sarah and the amazing Model – Matilda.

I am so pleased with the final results and proud of my team’s work and I
think you’ll like the photos as well. It is not the regular fashion shoot to
expect but still we had the chance to shoot in a beautiful venue to be
supported by a smashing rain and finally to get the job done in the
best possible and professional way.

I’ll post the BTS images in a separate article so you will see the
amazing beauty of the place we used for our shoot. The showing
off – peacocks, the amazing flowers and the chess. The game of
chess we had – just stay tuned for more!

I am proud of you,  ladies! What you did is smashing!
Thank you!

Photography and Videography:: Pavel Badzhakov – PAVZO –
MUA:: Sarah Loran –
Model:: Matilda McNair –
Shooting Location:: Central London

There are 6 short fashion videos to come out really soon as well.

Thank you once again Matilda and Sarah for your amazing work!

Love and Gratitude,

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