Snarky Puppy Live in London – 05 May 2017 Photo Gallery

Snarky Puppy Live in London – O2 Academy Brixton – 05 May 2017


Just got back from the live concert of the most amazing and smashingly
jazzy NY based band and a fav of mine – Snarky Puppy  These guys ROCK
MASSSSIIIVLY ROCK!!! And the cherry on the top of the cake was that I was lucky
enough to have a piece of memory for the ages ahead – the tracklist
of the set tonight (isn’t it awesome or what??!?)

The live performance took place in the gorgeous O2 Academy Brixton with
the special guests House of Waters & Becca Stevens !!!

SOOOOOOOO…. With no more time to waist… I uploaded the first photo
gallery with my photos of the evening and I am uploading as we speak
a massive video playlist from the night as well. Soooo, stay tuned for
the videos ! Coming in a bit!

Footage by:: PAVZO London
Venue:: O2 Academy Brixton, London
Date:: 5th May 2017




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