Spring flowers – Lucy

Hello again,

This is the third of a 6 shoots I will represent from my fashion
project called “Spring Flowers”. Despite the season I will stick
to that name because I like it a lot.

This time I had the chance to work with an astonishingly smart, sexy and
professional model – Lucinda Brogan – Higgins – Lucy and yet again I had
the smashingly beautiful and talanted MUA – Miranda Marsh which I will
definitely want to show here in the role of a model herself in my
website someday really, really soon 🙂 !

What we had in mind as a team was to go after the clean structure of
the moodboard, simple mostly ambient light, direct approach to the
model and not too much complicated image compositions.

And I think we have achieved exactly that – representing Lucy’s
amazing performance as a model, the endless legs she has and
the striking poses she showed. It was a pure pleasure to work with
her and as you will be witnessing again and again really soon we
have already set a whole range of new shoots projects… Just stay tuned for more
because you will see this model here a lot!

And my personal opinion is that she deserves to be here!

So here we go again… I am representing my third part of the
Fashion Photography and Videography Project – “Spring Flowers”

Photography and Videography:: Pavel Badzhakov – PAVZO – http://www.pavzo.com ; Instagram: https://instagram.com/pavzo_
MUA:: Miranda Marsh – https://instagram.com/makeup_by_moo
Model:: Lucinda Brogan – Higgins – https://instagram.com/lucinda_bh/;  StarNow
Agency:: GraceModelManagement
Shooting Location:: South London

I have no words to thank you enough – Lucy and Miranda!

Love and Gratitude,

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