Spring flowers – Sophia

Hi there,

This is the second of a 6 shoots I will represent from my fashion
project called “Spring Flowers”. Despite the season I will stick
to that name because I like it a lot. I’ve been pretty, pretty busy
lately doing preparations for a huge project to come in Central London
and shooting a lot and yet in my almost 17+ working hours a day I
love editing, selecting and releasing my personal photo and video shoots
as well.

My goal is to release the photoshoots first and to pay a bit more attention
to my already shot fashion videos along the fashion photo shoots as well.

I am quite pleased as a photographer to have the chance to work with such
gifted and brilliant models, MUAs and stylists and you’ll be witnessing this
along with me in the next photoshoots to come.

So without further ado… I am presenting my second part of the
Fashion Photography and Videography Project – “Spring Flowers”

Photography and Videography:: Pavel Badzhakov – PAVZO – http://www.pavzo.com
MUA:: Miranda Marsh – https://instagram.com/makeup_by_moo
Model:: Sophia – https://instagram.com/sophia_bh – @sophia_bh
Shooting Location:: London

I hope you’ll like my project and I can only be thankful for
having the chance to work with my amazing Sophia and Miranda – a blazing
team members to work with and I am definitely recommending them as pure
professionals to have on a team!

Love and Gratitude,



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