SumUp PIN+ Card Terminal – How I resolved my business troubles + my link for a £20 discount for you

SumUp PIN+ Card Terminal – How I resolved my business troubles
Plus my link for a £20 discount if you decide to go and get one for yourself.

So here we go…

As I recently experienced couple of exotic cases with various clients, invoice payments, bank transfers etc. I decided to make my move and go high-tech to resolve my problems.

After a careful research on the market options I found the SumUp product – SumUp Card Terminal really easy going and perfect for my company needs. I got myself a payment Card Terminal from them and it totally fits my needs.

So, now I can get my payments on the go as the little gadget accepts all major credit and debit cards for only 1.95% per transaction. Just have in mind I am talking about my company business and the location is – UK

I signed no contract whatsoever, I don’t have any monthly fees or other rubbish complications at all so that saves me time to focus on what I do best.

***PROS – fast sign-up website form, great UI, 4-5 business days delivery (again, talking about UK), 2 days period for the payments to be received, on the go notification for successful/not successful payment transaction, iOS, Android apps. I use it on my Asus Nexus 7 2013 2nd Gen – 32GB model via wi-fi or mobile hot-spot network.

***CONS – just couple ones so far and not big ones – 100% needs internet connection for the transactions and verification, no usb powered device, powers on 2 batteries. I got used to my devices to be usb powered. Who knows, maybe the new model will have these properties included.

So, bottom line – I do have a referral code for a £20 discount if you decide to go and get one SumUp PIN+ Card Terminal yourself and here’s the link to get it right away.


***SumUp PIN+ Card Terminal – £20 Discount Link here***
SumUp PIN+ Card Terminal Discount

Couple of useful links you might check to get more info about SumUp

***The product – SumUp PIN+ Card Terminal

***SumUp – Google Store App

***SumUp – I Tunes Store App

***SumUp – YouTube Channel

***SumUp – UK Video Adv.

***Short info about what’s what

1. Enter amount in the SumUp App
2. Insert the customer’s card into the SumUp PIN+ Card Terminal
3. Your customer approves the payment by entering his PIN
Optionally, you can send a receipt via text message or email or print it out.
• No monthly fees, no monthly commitment, no contract runtime
• Only pay when actively using SumUp: 1,95% per transaction
• Accept all debit (VPay, Maestro) and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, UK only: American Express)
• Secure payouts to your bank account

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